We, ESSENCE, offer customers personal supporting services for internet auction by using Yahoo! which is one of the most major portal sites in the world.  To sell your stuff as high price as possible through an internet auction, we take care of all the cumbersome procedures for you.

Japan is in the midst of the internet boom.  We, ESSENCE, sell number of items everyday for our customers and attain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Is there anything disused in your house?
If you have anything you would like to sell, please let us know.  Our staff will come to the place where is convenient for you.
There are chances that you would fetch high prices for them on the auction.  Various items, such as furniture, interior accessories, car-related goods, clothing and accessories, could attract attention and be sold at good prices.

We will take care of every procedure for you, for example taking pictures, copywriting, writing effective descriptive comments, pricing, packing and shipping, collection of money, replying to inquiries, etc.
All you need to do is sitting back and looking at auction site till the closing time.

After the auction, we will transfer the proceeds into your bank account.
Our website has been accessed a lot of times because of our satisfactory customer service.
We hope that you will visit our website,

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Monday to Friday

gHey, mom, look at this!  My stroller is on the auction and is bid.h
gYes! Itfs sold!h
gSelling unused things through auction is not only good for us. Itfs also good for the environment.h

gWhat are we goanna do with unused Cameronfs stroller?h
gItfs easy to throw it awaycit was expensive, though. Got any ideas?h

gMom, I found an interesting website!h
gIt looks nice. Ifm goanna call and ask them, now.h

gThank you for calling ESSENCE, how can I help you? ccccccLetfs sell your stroller at net auction. We take care of everything for you. We offer you personal supporting services for internet auction by using Yahoo! which is one of the biggest auction site in Japan.h

Bid Price Commission
less than \9,999 35%
\10,000 - \29,999 25%
\30,000 - \99,999 20%
\100,000 - \299,999 18%
\300,000 - \999,999 15%
\1,000,000 and over 13%
We handle various items both brand-new and used, except fake product.
Before put an item on the auction, we may ask you to show a warranty certificate.
Our service does not guarantee that all the items will be sold.
When a designer purse is sold for \120,000;
Bid Price: \120,000
Servicing Fee: \21,600
Amount of you receive: \98,400

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